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2015. március 03. - NCE blog

A Better Economy, Better Climate jelentésről számos érdekes írás született a világsajtóban. Ezekből szemléztünk.

Financial Times
Growth and fighting global climate change not incompatible

Climate change remedies 'affordable', says global body
Seven things we learned from Lord Stern's New Climate Economy report
Climate change report: prevent damage by overhauling global economy
It's clear that prosperity and climate change action can go hand in hand – Ed Davey
We can avoid climate change, and boost the world’s economy – if we act now – Lord Stern

New York Times
Fixing Climate Change May Add No Costs, Report Says
Washington Post
How fighting climate change could save the planet AND rebuild the economy
Fight Against Climate Change Seen Driving Economic Growth
Slowing climate change makes economic sense; cities to lead-study
Huffington Post
A New Climate Economy Gives Hope to Millions of Workers

Why fighting climate change may help the economy, not hurt it

Business Week
Saving the Planet From Global Warming—and Saving Money, Too?

This Is It: The Next 15 Years Will Seal the Fate of Earth's Climate

New Scientist
Go low-carbon for the money, says high-profile report
Scientific American
How to Clean Up the Global Economy to Combat Climate Change

National Geographic
Ahead of UN Climate Summit, Environmental Report Sees Economic Opportunities
Fight climate change, make money

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